Bethel Education Social Service Organisation (Besso) is a registered Charitable Trust in India, founded by Sam Ganesh in 1991. The trust’s primary focus is to provide education and shelter for orphaned children in the districts of Dharmapuri and Krishnagiri in Tamil Nadu. Watching an abandoned child eat the leftovers from a banana leaf discarded by a hotel, stirred in Mr Sam the urge to provide succour for such children.

Mr. Sam is a Post Graduate in Social Work. In 1990, he left his hometown Thirunelveli, where he worked as Lecturer in St Xavier;s College, to start a school for underprivileged children in Denkanikottai, near Hosur. He also provided hostel facilities for these children and contributed his personal funds for this cause. He simultaneously started paid tuition centres to financially support the school’s needs. The BESSO home was then started to accommodate orphaned and abandoned children, street children and needy children.


A life of Dignity for all children


Providing opportunities for holistic development of underprivileged and abandoned children



Non-Discrimination & Inclusion



Objectives  and Activities

  1. Children have access to their basic rights through
    1. Providing  a shelter home for needy Children
    2. Ensuring quality education with basic values  for each child
    3. Re-enrolling school drop outs into schools
    4. Health awareness amongst rural children
    5. Establishing  feeding centres in rural areas


  1. Prevention of abandonment of children through
    1. Community Counselling  programs
    2.  Uniting children with their families
    3. Networking with organizations working for child protection and child rights


  1. Ensuring a sustainable future for the children of BESSO home through
    1. Ensuring Higher education to deserving students 
    2. Providing placement opportunities
    3. Support services – marriage, scholarships


Managing Committee

Ms. Josephine


Mr. Sam

Managing Committee

Ms. Suguna

Ms. Josephine

Mr. Sam
Secretary & Treasurer
Mr. Samson
Joint Secretary

Mr. Ramajayam

Ms. Vimala

Mr. Thangaraj

Advisory Committee

Mr.S.K. Vijai
T.V.S. Company, Hosur

Vinita Singh
Advanced Psychotherapist ,Oxford

Samata Shettigar
Mr. Jaulick
Vice Chairman- Caterpillar Company

Mr. Ramesh
Member - Global Calcium Company

Mr. Rajesh Khanna
Member - Exide Battery Company

Mrs. Latha Suresh
Member - C.S.I.M. Director

Fund Promotion Committee

Mr. Raajasekar

General Secretary