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Bethel Educational Social Service Organisation

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Ellen & Cookie


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Jenna & Joe

Adoption Manager

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Mike & Tyson

Volunteers Manager

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BESSO children homes has been working in Hosur for the last 22 years and has provided education and socio-economic support to over 1000 children. On knowing about Social Audit in a meeting organized by CSIM (Centre for social Initiative and Management), Mr. Sam, Founder, wanted to ascertain the positive impact that the home had created amongst the underprivileged children of Hosur. Their management committee was convinced that social accounting would be a reliable tool to measure the effectiveness of the organization and whether the organization has fulfilled the purpose for which it was formed. Further, this in turn would help BESSO to understand the expectations of the stake holders from the organization and enable in charting the future programmes. Hence it was decided to document the social impact and organize a formal social audit.
About BESSO Home

In 1991, BESSO established a shelter home for orphaned children at Denkanikottai, a village near Hosur. For over ten years, BESSO home was re-located from one rented premise to another as the rental agreement would be valid only for a period of one or two years at a maximum. In 2000, BESSO had visitors from Seventh Day Adventist Church. One of their members offered a one-time donation, and this fund was utilised to purchase 40 cents of land to construct BESSO home. BESSO has separate buildings to house the boys and girls and have a large play area.


Watching an abandoned child eat the leftovers from a banana leaf discarded by a hotel, stirred in Mr Sam the urge to provide succour for such children.

Mr. Sam is a Post Graduate in Social Work. In 1990, he left his hometown Thirunelveli, where he worked as Lecturer in St Xavier’s College, to start a school for underprivileged children in Denkanikottai, near Hosur. He also provided hostel facilities for these children and contributed his personal funds for this cause. He simultaneously started paid tuition centres to financially support the school’s needs.


1991 Registration of BESSO Trust

1991 – Launch of BESSO Primary Matriculation School and Tutorial for failed 10th and 12th school students in Denkanikottai

1994 – Establishing BESSO Home/tutorial at Hosur in a rented premise with 35 children near Railway station

  • Handed over the Denkanikottai Primary school to another management

2000 – Acquring land for BESSO Home

2001 – Construction of BESSO Home (2400 Sq Ft)

2002 – Strength of children increased to 100

2004 – Construction of Boys Home                                

2006 – Abduction of three children that led to formation of School

2007 – Launch of BESSO Primary School

2008 – Construction of multipurpose hall cum Church

2011 – First set of children leaving the Home for higher education – 3 boys and 2 girls

2012 – 2 girls pursued Nursing and BBA and 1 boy pursued IT

2013 – Conducted the first wedding for Suganthi – one of BESSO home children.

Registrations & Exemptions

BESSO is a registered Public Charitable Trust in India. It has donation exemption status under Sec 80-G of Income Tax Act and can accept foreign donations under Foreign Contributions Regulation Act, India.

Fcra regn no. 075870059

Objectives and Activities

1. Children have access to their basic rights through
a. Providing a shelter home for needy Children
b. Ensuring quality education with basic values for each child
c. Re-enrolling school drop outs into schools
d. Health awareness amongst rural children
e. Establishing feeding centers in rural areas

2. Prevention of abandonment of children through
a. Community Counselling programs
b. Uniting children with their families
c. Networking with organizations working for child protection and child rights

3. Ensuring a sustainable future for the children of BESSO home through
a. Ensuring Higher education to deserving students
b. Providing placement opportunities
c. Support services – marriage, scholarships

  • A receipt for donations received in kind (clothes, blankets, rations, etc.) to be issued.
  • All donations to be recorded and receipts issued along with 80G certificate.
  • A separate register for food donated in kind to be maintained.
  • Meal sponsorship register to be maintained to account for donors throughout the year
  • A display board mentioning the food sponsorship details to be placed at the dining hall.
  • A display board at the dining hall welcoming the donor and thanking him for the sponsorship (for the day of donation) be highlighted.
  • Grievance box to be placed at the Boys and Girls hostel premises and be accessed by one or two board members regularly.
  • Regular health camps for the children to be coordinated with the support of local hospitals.
  • Picnics/study tours to be organised for children once a year
  • A leaving form be documented for children who leave BESSO home.
  • Network with neighbouring colleges and encourage volunteerism/internship.
  • The kitchen to have at least for one month reserve stock.
  • Dal, Oil, and Sugar (DOS) programme to be launched in companies in and around Hosur.

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